For Tessa and her one-year-old daughter, the rental market may be the only lottery going in Utah.

As a single parent working a full-time job, Tessa has little spare time. For the last month, that time has been spent hunting for a modest two-bedroom rental in Salt Lake City.

“It’s been challenging to say the least,” said Tessa, who requested we only use her first name out of fear it would hinder her from getting a rental.

Tessa believes she is the ideal tenant. Stable job. Sizeable income. A near-perfect credit score. Zero credit card debt. Yet, she hasn’t had much success.

“Landlords have 26 ideal potential tenants and you don’t always win,” said Tessa. “It just feels like luck at this point.”

The housing options for Tessa and her daughter are few and far between. She’s upped her rental budget and dropped desired amenities.