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Brad Sims is the owner of S&A Motorsports, a used auto dealership in Springfield. He sells between 10 to 15 vehicles a month, with the majority of his sales coming from listings he makes on Facebook Marketplace.

Sims said as a smaller, local dealership, he “hardly sells anything” off his lot to drive-by buyers. Marketplace allows dealers like Sims to connect with a wider range of potential customers, but a policy change is altering how both auto dealerships and real estate businesses can use the platform, which may impact business.

In December, Facebook parent company Meta announced that the company will no longer support vehicle and real estate listings on Facebook Marketplace from sellers using business accounts, starting Jan. 30. Listings made on personal Facebook accounts will remain available.

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When Sims posts a vehicle listing to Marketplace, his personal Facebook account is listed under “Seller Information,” but the listing is made on “behalf” of S&A Motorsports. Vehicle listings made on behalf of a business indicate they are being sold by a dealership.



Not having the ability to post on behalf of his business concerns Sims.

“99.9% of my stuff is all on Facebook,” Sims said. “It (the policy change) is going to be terrible for me.”