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BatchService, a real estate data and technology company, has launched a list building tool it says will allow businesses to build custom property lists and enrich them with accurate contact information. The tool is expected to give real estate companies access to industry-leading property, owner and contact data so they can better identify opportunities and directly engage with property owners, investors, and agents.


“We’re excited to help businesses leverage property and owner data to improve targeting, increase marketing performance, and drive growth,” said BatchService CEO Jesse Burrell. “As a real estate investor, I remember having to jump between multiple platforms to get quality data. It led to a lot of wasted time and money. This solution eliminates that waste and improves deal potential tremendously. We believe it’s a game changer.”


The tool offers more than 180 property, owner, and financial filters, including absentee owner, high equity, tired landlord, and more so users can create custom lists in minutes. Users can then enrich property lists with property owner contact information.