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From the highest of high prices to the lowest of low numbers of homes for sale, there’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic upended the nation’s real estate market. And while 2020 was the year that seemed to never end, 2021 appears to have gone by faster than you can say, “Sorry, I didn’t realize I was muted” on that Zoom call.

Now that 2021 is nearly behind us, and we can catch our collective breaths, we decided it was time to take stock. We wanted to know: Over the course of this twisty, unpredictable, whipsaw year in real estate, who were the real winners and losers? Sometimes it seemed hard to tell. So the® data team took a deep dive into the numbers to find out who were the real housing market victors this year, and who got the short end of the “For Sale” sign stick.