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Time for the holiday season-celebrations, starting with the Thanksgiving kickoff festivities, with all its trimmings and blessings. Hanukkah lights it up early this year, with the first candle on Saturday night. A fast month later, Christmas and Kwanzaa calendar up.

This is when we pause to reflect, appreciate and congratulate ourselves, our communities, the mortgage lending industry and government leaders for the good stuff as it concerns your home, your family shelter, your sanctuary.

Here’s my list of top mortgage blessings to be thankful for:

1) The 2020 CARES Act: the U.S. government got the COVID-19 employment fallout and foreclosure threat right.

CARES brought badly needed liquidity to the mortgage markets so borrowers could knock down their mortgage rates and payments and pull cash out. Congress and President Trump, learning from the crushing Great Recession government missteps, granted mortgage payment forbearances for all needy borrowers with government-backed mortgages.