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After finding himself awash with hundreds of transactions, local realtor Josh DeShong looked to create what he describes as the “eBay for residential real estate investors.” 

Following a nearly seven-month beta testing phase, DeShong has launched Trelly, an investor-to-investor real estate investing platform, on the Google and iOS app stores. 

“Our mission is to give everybody access to investing in real estate,” DeShong, who also serves as CEO, said. “Our beachhead is really just solidifying this already existing investor-to-investor market.”

Acting like a “B2B version” of the multiple listing service marketplace, Trelly users list their properties on the platform for other investors to bid on. DeShong said traditionally investors would use Facebook groups and other online networking sites to conduct transactions individually. The platform serves as a real-time marketplace, typically with between 10 and 20 properties available at any given time.