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Real estate pros say Jackson Hole’s housing struggles are seemingly peaking, and they point to the same trends that have pushed the market in recent years: more social problems and high taxes in California and Texas and on the East Coast, the lure of mountain living in a pretty little town and the ability to work a big city job from northwest Wyoming.

But, as the final straw, the recent crisis has been fueled by people fleeing COVID-19.

“Jackson has been ramping up to this for three, four, five years now,” said Kurt Harland, a Berkshire Hathaway Home Services owner. “Corona definitely, definitely ramped things up more. What the virus did, is people who have second or third homes here came out and realized they really enjoyed being here and that they could spend two or three more times here … and it ramped up the remote work environment by 10 years … coronavirus may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.”