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The pandemic has exposed and amplified the effects of unequal access to decent, affordable housing. For many Americans who are already living on the edge, that’s where the government’s nearly $2 trillion Build Back Better bill aims to step in.

President Biden’s sweeping social spending and climate policy legislation seeks to address the housing affordability gap by investing in affordable housing and down payment assistance.

A large contingent of Millennials are hitting their prime homebuying years, and for the last decade, there haven’t been enough homes built to meet demand. This generation is already grappling with skyrocketing housing costs and student debt that make saving for a down payment a steep hill to climb.

The economic recovery plan is centered on the basic premise that America will be stronger and more prosperous when everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their potential. The agenda includes a historic investment in building new homes and making existing housing safer, healthier, and more energy efficient.