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Gibran Nicholas, one of the most prominent professional coaches in the housing industry, has announced his candidacy for the 2024 Democratic Presidential nomination.

The 43-year-old Nicholas is founder and CEO of Momentifi, a financial information and content marketing platform that provides daily coaching and marketing content to thousands of housing and financial professionals. He is also chairman and CEO of CMPS Institute, an organization that has trained, coached and certified over 7,000 financial and housing professionals since 2005, and the publisher of Economic TrendSpotter, a market intelligence and content service for financial and housing professionals.

In an open letter announcing his challenge to President Joe Biden, Nicholas described the U.S. as “going through sort of a mid-life crisis” three years ahead of its 250th anniversary.

“We’ve survived a pandemic that doesn’t seem to end, an immeasurable amount of school shootings, and partisan bickering that perpetuates the status quo,” he wrote. “We’ve also survived nearly 8 years of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, neither of whom have any interest in fading gently into the night.”

“To make matters worse, we’re in the middle of a huge epic family argument!” he added. “The left-wing and the right-wing of our country are pulling us in two completely different directions. And while we’re all arguing, our national debt is rising to epic levels. Our climate on Planet Earth is changing in irreversible ways. We’re on the verge of a mental health crisis the likes and magnitude of which we’ve never seen before. We are facing war or the threat of war with Russia, China, and the Middle East.”

Nicholas published a 61-minute video and 82-page letter outlining his presidential goals on his website

“It’s a story where we modernize social security, healthcare, education, and create equal economic opportunity for all Americans so that our children will be better off than we are,” he stated.

Nicholas is the latest individual to announce a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination – attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and author and nonprofit executive Marianne Williamson have also begun campaigns to unseat their party’s incumbent leader.