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When the restaurant Tom Hunt worked at as a server temporarily shut down during the spring of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided it was the right time to pursue his longtime desire of becoming a real estate agent.

“I’ve always been interested in real estate, but I’ve always had other obligations and I didn’t feel confident that my commissions, at least in the beginning, would be enough to support my family,” the Eureka, California-based agent said. “When COVID happened I decided to get to work on my license.”

Hunt was set to take his licensing exam in October 2020 only to have California go back into lockdown, forcing him to wait until March 2021 to finally take it.

“When they said they were starting exams again, I hopped on it and managed to book a slot for two weeks after they opened up,” Hunt said. “I had let things slip so I crammed it all in again and took a ton of practice tests and then took the real thing.”