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For many people, buying a home just wasn’t in the cards this year. There were too few homes for sale that were too expensive to buy.

Indeed, home prices have been on a tear, with third quarter home prices up more than 18% from a year earlier, according to the Federal Housing Financing Agency. And some analysts expect they will continue to rise significantly through 2022.
But those who got shut out of buying a home don’t have to miss out on rapidly appreciating real estate values.
Investing in real estate has long been the realm of “accredited investors,” a category of typically high-net worth investors with access to high-risk (and potentially high-reward) investments like private equity real estate funds, hard money loans or real estate syndication in which a group of select investors pool their money to buy properties. But through investment products like mutual funds and ETFs tied to real estate and online crowdfunding platforms, more people are able to access real estate investments.