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For about five months, my family has been preparing for an interstate move. Having such a long time to plan for it has bred restlessness, for sure. I’ve had plenty of time not only to organize before packing, but to declutter our belongings before they get shipped off to our new life with us.


The biggest thing I’ve learned from this — a lesson I hope to carry to our new home — is that we probably shouldn’t have kept a lot of the stuff we’ve held onto all this time. (We’ve lived in our current house for over a decade.) Sure, we had the space for it, but even if our stuff was neat and orderly, we still expended energy just by having it around. We spent precious time deciding what to do with it, where to store it, organizing it, cleaning it, looking for it, looking for stuff around it, and, eventually, getting rid of it and carting it off to the donation center