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I’m not interested in the value of my home. I chose what was semi-rural because I don’t need amenities many younger people demand.

My parents’ families had 3-5 kids, their parents had 10, so why can’t we find enough homes for the 2.3 average birth rate? It doesn’t help when Canada allows more than 200,000 newcomers a year while many long-established Canadians have been waiting longer as well as new immigrants stuck in government delays due to backlogs.

The immigrant investor program allows wealthy foreigners to arrive with one family member to live in a mansion, avoiding taxes. We don’t chastise fellow Canadians for contributing to our housing problems, but we think a speculation tax will suffice. Many want to live here, there’s no stopping it, and densification isn’t working. Government can’t stop rising house values, some have slowed it but Canada’s government epitomizes Robin Hood, albeit they steal from the rich and poor.