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In the world of mortgage-financing, there exists a product line defined by what it is not — non-qualified mortgage (non-QM), non-prime, non-agency or an alternative-documentation loan. 

In the secondary market, these non-QM loans are in demand this year and are expected to continue propelling the growth of private-label securitizations in the year ahead, according to Dane Smith, president of Versus Mortgage Capital.

“We expect total [private-label] issuance for 2021 to be approximately $25 billion,” said Smith, referring to the non-QM private-label securitization market. “In 2022, we forecast issuance to grow to over $40 billion.”

Through November of this year, Versus has sponsored 10 non-QM private-label securitizations valued at more than $5 billion, according to a review of bond-rating reports.