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M&T Bank (NYSE: MTB) announced it has provided $1.22 million this year to 42 initiatives aimed at serving distressed communities or low-income neighborhoods in Pennsylvania.

The funding was allocated through the state’s Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP), which provides tax credits to businesses like M&T that donate capital to support projects including affordable housing, community services, crime prevention and long-term community revitalization.

Some of the M&T funding through NAP included $30,000 for Affordable Housing Centers of Pennsylvania to provide housing counseling services to residents of West Philadelphia and $25,000 to HDC Mid-Atlantic for the ongoing development of its College Avenue affordable housing project in Lancaster.

“Supporting the communities we serve is at our core, and M&T stands firmly behind the Neighborhood Assistance Program – a catalyst for igniting dynamic revitalization efforts throughout the state,” said Gail D’Angelo, M&T’s Regional Community Reinvestment Act Manager. “As our neighborhoods evolve, we’re thrilled to join this year’s cohort of partner organizations granted NAP approval to support the profound changes they will bring across Pennsylvania.”