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This question asks voters to repeal measures the Juneau Assembly adopted in 2020 and this past February that mandate sharing real estate sales prices with the city assessor’s office.

The assessor’s job is to determine the fair market value of every parcel of property in Juneau, every year. These values directly affect property tax bills and the balance of who pays for city services.

Supporters of the repeal say the mandate is an invasion of privacy and expect it to lead to higher property taxes. Most Assembly members oppose the repeal. They say disclosing sales prices will lead to more fair and accurate assessments, particularly for higher-end properties, which tend to get undervalued when assessed.

Real estate professionals and developers are leading the repeal effort, which began with the citizen petition process. They often point out how common it is for jurisdictions with mandatory disclosure laws to enact real estate transfer taxes that they say add to the cost of housing.

Here’s how the group leading the repeal effort, Protect Juneau Homeowners’ Privacy, boiled it down into a 30-second Facebook video.

That’s Gary Stephens. He runs a car repair shop in Juneau.

Assembly members say the mandate is not about boosting tax revenue.