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Did you know that there are almost 176,000 real estate agents working in the United States?

That’s a significant amount of potential competition. The industry is already dog-eat-dog as it is, but now it’s harder and harder to get the word out there. If you want to draw attention to your services while also having a better chance of selling the properties you represent, then you need to use social media.

One option involves Twitter Blue. Are you wondering if it’s worth implementing or not? Keep reading to learn how the Twitter Blue experience can help real estate agents.

What Is Twitter Blue?

The simplest way to describe Twitter Blue is as a subscription service that you pay for on a month-to-month basis. If you decide to opt-in for this service, you’ll not only get the lauded blue checkmark on your account, but you’ll also get early access to certain new features.

One of these features is the ability to edit a tweet. For the longest time, Twitter users had to either accept any typos in their viral tweets, add edits as a reply, or even delete the tweet and post the fixed version.

How Much Is Twitter Blue?

You can either sign up for Twitter Blue on your computer’s browser or within the app itself. It’s available on both Android and iOS operating systems. On browsers, it’s eight dollars each month or $84 for the year, while the in-app Twitter Blue service is $11 a month.

Keep in mind that prices might end up being a bit different in your local area, so it’s worth checking it out on your app or browser. Don’t forget that new accounts won’t have the option of signing up for Twitter Blue until three months have passed. The reason for this is to ensure the legitimacy of each Twitter user.