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Smarty, a Provo, Utah-based address data intelligence provider, has launched its U.S. Property Data product with more than 350 property data points.

According to the company, the U.S. Property Data and Address Enrichment API includes financial, structural, and locational data to enhance business risk analysis and inform strategic investments. Companies can use this data to make precise risk assessments, customize their services based on location-specific details, and refine their overall business strategies for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Key features of Smarty’s Property Data Release include over 150 structural data attributes, more than 130 current and historical financial data attributes and over 60 locational and geographic data attributes. The new offering can be integrated with Smarty’s Rooftop Geocoding solution.

“Accurate property data play a crucial role in various industries, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and enhance their operations,” said Berk Charlton, chief product officer at Smarty. “Our U.S. Property Data is a cloud-native solution that provides businesses access to an extensive dataset of property information.”