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As we wrap up another year of being mostly stuck inside our homes, it’s only natural that we’d continue to look around and see if we’re living in the best, most aesthetic arrangement for ourselves. We scoured every tip we got from home stagers in 2021 to bring you this list of four — the very best tips for making sure your home is the paradise you want it to be.

Get Good Quality Used Furniture from Model or Vacant Homes

If you’re tired of your tired old furniture, head to some model homes or properties for sale and scope out what pieces they’ve got. A little-known secret in the real estate world is that you can buy furniture right out of the homes. Karen Otto, with Dallas-based Home Star Staging, and Anthea Click, with FP Staging and Design in Nashville, note that the process is different for each one, though. For model home furniture, you’ll have to speak with the developer once all the homes are sold. For properties for sale, talk to the listing agent, who can put you in touch with the staging company. Since it’s all considered used furniture, you’ll likely be able to negotiate a discount.