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Kevin Tacher, CEO of Independence Title, was recognized by former Broward County Mayor Michael Udine and Broward County Property Appraiser Marty Kair at a recent Parkland Chamber of Commerce meeting for his outstanding work in uncovering major real estate fraud schemes in Broward County, Florida, and the surrounding counties. 


“Kevin Tacher is someone that gives back,” Udine said. “Kevin has saved countless residents’ livelihoods for those whose homes were about to be taken from them.”


Tarcher led a team that, over the course of several years, exposed several individuals and companies that were involved in illegal and unethical practices in the south Florida real estate market. The result of their efforts was a comprehensive report that detailed the scope and extent of the fraud and named the individuals and companies involved. Several of these individuals have since been arrested and prosecuted.


“We are grateful to receive this award and proud of the work our team has done to expose real estate fraud across South Florida,” said Tacher. “We believe that we must serve our residents and make sure that those people conducting these schemes are held accountable at the fullest extent of the law.”


Broward County officials will continue to work with Tarcher and other community partners to address the issues raised by the uncovering of these schemes and to take action to prevent similar fraudulent activities in the future.