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As a luxury real estate professional, you’re always looking for ways to differentiate yourself and stand out to potential clients, which requires you to understand the fundamentals of sales, the needs of your affluent clients, and the ability to motivate yourself towards success. While staying up-to-date with the latest news and guidance is a good starting point, you’ll find these valuable insights from the following authors that we’ve compiled for you. Check out these top four books for luxury real estate professionals, all of which offer practical applications that will come in handy in your everyday work.

Ditch the Pitch: The Art of Improvised Persuasion by Steve Yastrow

The book Ditch the Pitch: The Art of Improvised Persuasion is a must-read for luxury real estate professionals. As a successful strategy consulting firm founder, Steve Yastrow offers a fresh perspective on the traditional sales and pitching method by suggesting his readers abandon the scripts and improvise the conversation. While that might sound a bit risky in practice, there is a method to his madness. Yastrow organized the book’s guidance into six transparent habits and techniques so that it’s easily digestible for every reader to follow along.