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The hassle and stress that comes with home buying is something that everyone interested in purchasing a property dreads. The long process of negotiations between buyers and sellers, months of escrow, and expensive closing costs demand a more simple and convenient process of home transactions. Consumers today expect a quick turnaround on all services- including purchasing a home. Enter ‘iBuyers” who are removing the hurdles around this process and making home valuations and sales a more automated process.

iBuyers are companies that use technology and algorithms to make a fair market value offer on your home instantly. While the practice is hardly new, and only represent about 1%-6% of all home sales in the United States, over the last year with the surge of those who looked to escape pandemic stricken cities in search of a more spacious lifestyle in the suburbs were turning to iBuyers to quickly purchase homes. How these services operate differs from company to company, but at a high level, they quickly evaluate certain characteristics of your home and make an offer. If you accept the offer, they take ownership over the home and all responsibilities associated with reselling it to another buyer.