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From iBuyers to concierge service, the past decade has seen the real estate industry be disrupted by several tech-enabled solutions. With them have come fears that tech will replace the personal, human experience that agents provide—ultimately changing the industry for the worse.

Based on findings from Mike DelPrete’s 2021 Emerging Models in Real Estate Report, we’re betting that REALTORS® will remain at the center of transactions for decades to come. Those who choose to embrace real estate tech and the opportunities it uncovers will be the ones who come out ahead.

So how can you use some of these changes—including those that appear to be powerful forces at work against agents—to your advantage? It’s simple, and you’ve been doing it since you started your career in real estate: educate and guide. DelPrete says it himself, “The brokerages and agents that win will be those that educate and empower consumers to make the choice that’s right for them.”