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Briqwise, the peer-to-peer platform for real estate financing, announced it is entering the Australian market. The new platform aims to lower barriers for small to medium business owners seeking a quick and reliable way to finance their commercial properties while providing opportunities for smart investors to yield a safe and attractive return on their investment.

The platform was designed to accommodate the global market. Regardless of location, the Briqwise platform can provide businesses with a chance to secure a real estate loan from $100.000 even under challenging economic conditions.

“SMEs can potentially face huge challenges when looking for commercial finance to buy their business premises. Under the same economic conditions, investors are looking for alternative ways to grow their wealth – especially when interest rates are dropping to below zero. That makes savings very unattractive. In Australia, RBA has reduced interest rates to 0.25% and maybe soon to zero.” said Pieter Porte, Founder of Briqwise.