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Diamond Real Estate Group, whose suite of real estate services utilizes artificial intelligence, is debuting its proprietary, AI-powered platform and revamped website. The luxury and investment real estate brokerage, founded in 2021 by CEO Matthew Martinez, seeks to use the latest technology to streamline how premium properties are purchased or sold in the Bay Area and Napa Valley.


Martinez says that his team has spent the last few years developing the new AI platform, which leverages big data, social media, and artificial intelligence. It also utilizes advanced algorithms and data analysis to identify potential investment properties or buyers based on specific criteria, including location, price, and other factors.


“We wanted to explore more opportunities in the Northern California real estate market, and we believed AI could help us,” he explains. “Now that our platform is operational, we are using it to compile data on potential luxury residential and commercial properties, vacant land to develop, and properties to flip.”


Martinez says that on Diamond Real Estate Group’s website, visitors can try out the AI platform, which helps them find off-market investment opportunities and market their homes to potential buyers.


Diamond Real Estate Group’s updated website now also has additional resources for real estate investors and new business owners, including blog articles, white papers, case studies, and other educational content. The focus is on networking, expanding industry knowledge, and providing insights into emerging trends and developments.


“We redesigned our website and prioritized navigation, functionality, and usefulness,” Martinez states. “Some of the updates include advanced search capabilities, personalized recommendations, and integrated tools and resources.”