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Commercial real estate markets across the West Michigan region are firmly in recovery mode today, according to the latest research from Colliers.

Colliers West Michigan recently released its second quarter market trend reports. These reports cover multiple markets and sectors. But the overall message? Commercial real estate in this region of the state is largely on the mend following the most challenging months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Colliers reports, Michigan has largely lifted the pandemic restrictions that had the greatest impact on businesses. For many consumers, too, life has returned to mostly normal, with many comfortable again shopping in person, dining in restaurants and traveling to hotels.

“We have seen more positivity in the second quarter than since before the COVID-19 pandemic began as people are living in a new normal,” said Jon Potvin, managing director at Colliers West Michigan. “Some of what we learned during the pandemic will continue to impact multiple sectors across Michigan, but for the most part many clients are happy to get back to business as usual.”