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When it came to the pandemic, brokers had challenges left, right and centre. Not only did lenders change their credit policies and their interest rates over and over again, but borrowers came to the fore with a whole set of uniquely COVID-related problems. And then, of course, there was the heated property market and the record business that came with it. But aside from these tumultuous yet exciting times, brokers also had to adjust to a remote working environment. This meant managing staff virtually while grappling with new tech systems and redesigning processes.

Now that leaders and staff are used to working apart, a new challenge has arisen – how to move forward and maintain team cohesion in a hybrid working model.

According to behavioural science specialist and host of the top-rated How I work podcast, Dr Amantha Imber, it is important that business leaders prevent against giving preferential treatment towards face-to-face members of staff.