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California Regional MLS (CRMLS), the nation’s largest MLS, is now offering its users no-cost 2D floor plans with measurements through CubiCasa, a real estate software company.

CRMLS users will receive special access to free floor plans, discounts on add-on features, and access to a network of real estate photographers who are already actively using CubiCasa in their shoots.

“We strongly believe that floor plans create a better home buying experience for consumers and provide valuable data to the MLS compilation,” said Art Carter, CEO of CRMLS. “With our CubiCasa partnership, we can influence market adoption of floor plans thanks to their easy-to-use technology and valuable data outputs.”

“The team at CRMLS is extremely innovative and forward-looking, and we are excited to be working alongside them in creating a better home buying experience,” added Jeff Allen, president of Finland-based CubiCasa. “This partnership will accelerate CubiCasa towards its ultimate goal of getting a floor plan on every listing in the United States.”