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Imagine a home buyer that decides to do their own title work.  They watched a couple of youtube videos and printed some forms on google, so they are now an expert.  Seems a bit crazy, right?

Similarly, the government got involved in health insurance.  The spend some ad dollars to get you to their website. The website contains hundreds of plans with different deductibles, out of pocket maximums, medication coverages, monthly premiums, providers, coverages, etc. and expect you to be an expert.

Remember back in November & December when you looked through potentially hundreds of health insurance plans that were available online?  Did you finally shake your head in frustration and just sign up for a plan that fit your monthly budget even though you really didn’t understand the coverage?  You’re not alone.

Now you feel stuck.  You signed up for the year only to find out that when you go to the doctor, that the visit isn’t covered and the doctor isn’t in network.  If you suddenly find the value of your swear jar increasing faster than the rest of your portfolio, I have some good news.  You are NEVER locked into a contract with a health insurance company!  You can change coverage if you need to.  This year has presented a great opportunity to change your plan mid-year and save some money.  Because of the American Rescue Plan, the tax credits increased for a lot of the “Obamacare” plans and made them less expensive.  I recommend getting in touch with a health insurance agent to see what’s available.

What if you are paying full price and not getting a tax credit?  That is when you need to look at a private plan.  These plans are not available online or through brokers.  Many have no deductible and provide better coverage at a lower cost than Obamacare.  These plans are health qualified, which means the insurance company takes a lower risk and passes the savings on to their clients.  I hope you want to know more about these plans because they are my specialty.  I focus on providing the self-employed with better health benefits at lower prices.  I have the knowledge to guide you to the best coverage for your situation.

To bring this back to the beginning – you would never want a real estate client doing their own title work, so please don’t try to do your own health insurance.  It costs you nothing to counsel with a health insurance agent and could save you thousands of dollars every year.  I would love to be that health insurance agent.

My name in Norm Wilkinson.  I am The Happy Health Insurance Guy.  I am licensed in 33 states and can help you wherever you are located.  I can be found on social media and at  I can also be reached directly at 801-687-9191