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The seaside town of Kas in Turkey’s Antalya province has an alluring coastal location, romantic Mediterranean looks and a history dating back to the 6th century B.C.

The serene resort town is set along a wide bay and the Çukurbag (or Kas) peninsula, facing turquoise waters and the small Greek island of Meis (or Kastellorizo). Its property market has two distinct parts: the old town and the peninsula. The former has a mix of traditional houses and apartments while the latter has luxury modern villas.

Residents are a mix of Turkish second homeowners and a cohort of overseas buyers, which used to be mainly from the U.K. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there has been a big increase of buyers from the two countries, which has sent property prices and demand for luxury homes rocketing across Turkey, including the Kas area, said Gurol Gurses of Keyholders International Property Group Ltd.

Kas—which is pronounced kash—is a favorite anchoring spot for yachts, backdropped by granite hills and pine forests. The town has a fishing harbor, cobbled streets with traditional wooden and whitewashed houses and seafront restaurants. Its peninsula, which has hotels, beaches and a well-preserved, ancient Lycian open-air stone theater, is considered the best spot for new villas.

“[Kas] is not a newly discovered spot but it’s a small place that’s not been too developed, perhaps because it is located further from Dalaman airport (two hours) and Antalya international airport (three hours),” said Julian Walker, director at Spot Blue International Property Ltd.


Kas sits on the so-called Turkish Rivera, also known as the Turquoise Coast, in southwest Turkey. Its northern border follows the D400 route while its southern edge tracks the Mediterranean coastline. It extends as far east as the Hera Hotel and the end of the peninsula in the west.

Price Range

Detached villa prices range from between £500,000 (US$610,000) and £1,500,000, while some waterfront villas with private jetties may even be higher, said Kemil Safyurek, sales and counselor at Mavi Real Estate Co. 

Villas in Kas range from £250,000 up to several million pounds, Mr. Walker said, depending on location and amenities. 

Since the majority of buyers along Turkey’s southern coastline have been from the U.K. in the past 20 years, most properties are priced in British pounds. However, new rules mandate that buyers exchange foreign currency into Turkish lira before purchasing a property.