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In a lawsuit filed in Travis County, Texas, Colleen and Bart Basinski, owners of multiple Keller Williams Realty market centers under the BAZ Investment Group, allege Keller Williams leaders interfered with independently owned franchises, costing the Basinskis millions of dollars in losses. This is the second major lawsuit alleging Keller Williams Realty of illicit business dealings against franchisees. The suit names Keller Williams Realty, Inc., CEO Gary Keller, President Marc King, and Keller Williams regional leaders Dan Holt and Colette Ching.


According to the suit, after the Basinskis resisted the change they knew would hurt the businesses they had built, Keller and his associates engaged in an organized campaign to ruin their reputation and their holdings.


The Basinskis suit follows that of former CEO and President John Davis, who took a stand against the real estate giant and its founder Gary Keller with allegations of fraudulent business practices, deceit, and operations ‘similar to a criminal enterprise’ in a suit filed earlier this year. Davis’ suit seeks $300 million in damages from defendants Gary Keller, Josh Team, Keller Williams Realty, and Inga Dow. Davis’s suit is pending in Fort Worth.


“Colleen and Bart are incredibly hard-working people who used the systems and tools set up by former CEO John Davis and found great success for themselves, their agents and ultimately Gary Keller,” said Paul Omodt, a spokesperson for the BAZ Investment Group. “They however refused to be manipulated by Keller and his cohorts and lost millions. This case seeks to remedy this situation, not only for Colleen and Bart, but for other market center operators who were forced into the same situation.”


The Basinskis seek a jury trial to ascertain damages and penalties. The case is filed in the United States District Court Western District of Texas, Austin Division.