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October brings ghost tours, stories of paranormal activity … and haunted houses. While “haunted” data is hard to come by, since most ghosts tend to be elusive when it comes to participating in a census count, some areas do generate more ghost stories and sightings than others.

In the spirit of Halloween, CoreLogic, a provider of global property information and analytics, has unearthed the five most haunted cities in the U.S. Here they are, in reverse order, along with where each city ranks on the probability of a housing price decline a year from now based on CoreLogic’s Market Risk Indicators.

5. New Orleans: Ghosts are said to wander the city’s famous cemeteries, as well as in churches throughout the city, in Jackson Square in the French Quarter, and at certain hotels. Meanwhile, according to CoreLogic’s Market Risk Indicators, New Orleans, at 16.4%, faces the highest probability on this list of a housing price decline 12 months from now.