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A 21st century achievement was recorded in the newly published 2023 Mega 1000 report from T3 Sixty: for the first time, half of the U.S. real estate brokerages in the top 20 by sales volume were founded after the year 2000.

Indeed, brokerages founded after 2000 held the number one ranking each category within the report: Compass (founded in 2012) was the Largest Brokerage by Sales Volume and eXp Realty (founded in 2009) was both Largest Brokerage by Transaction Sides and Largest Brokerage by Agent Count.

In the rankings of the nation’s largest brokerages by 2022 U.S. sales volume, the 10 companies founded since 2000 are Compass (No. 1), eXp Realty (No. 4), Redfin (No. 6), Peerage Realty Partners (No. 8), At World Properties (No. 9), HomeSmart (No. 10), United Real Estate (No. 12), Fathom Realty (No. 15), Majestic Realty Collective (No. 16), and The Real Brokerage (No. 18).

“It’s incredible to see these relatively new companies – Compass and eXp Realty – own the top three slots of the rankings, and companies like Peerage, At World Properties and HomeSmart firmly in the top 10 by sales volume,” said Jack Miller, president and CEO of T3 Sixty.

“This year’s Mega 1000 reveals that the transition from the old paradigm of brokerages to the new paradigm is complete,” added Stefan Swanepoel, executive chairman of the T3 Sixty family of companies. “Many of these modern brokerages offer new models for funding, agent compensation, and technology and the data shows, quite clearly, that their innovations are paying off and creating extraordinary change across the industry.”