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If you’re planning to buy a new home soon, you’ve likely given some thought to the maximum price you can pay and the down payment you can offer. And if you plan to finance the purchase, the monthly mortgage payment could also be on the list of important expenses you’ve already started accounting for.

In terms of immediate expenses, those are certainly the big three. But the path to homeownership is strewn with other, “hidden” costs ​​that most people forget about or are unprepared for, especially if they’re first-time buyers. Here’s a checklist of the most common; be sure to budget for them, to avoid any surprises once the contract is signed and the countdown to closing has begun. And, as a bonus, a few things to allow for once you move into your new home.

Closing Costs

Closing costs must be paid before you take legal possession of the home. A variety of fees for separate services (loan origination, underwriting, title search, deed recording, etc.), these expenses primarily relate to obtaining a mortgage, though some help verify the home’s ownership, condition and value. While they vary greatly by state, closing costs generally amount to between 2 and 5 percent of the mortgage amount. To illustrate, if you borrow $420,000 to purchase a home, your closing costs could range from $8,400 to $21,000.