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Entrepreneurship isn’t without its challenges. As Quattro Development co-founders Rob Walters and Mike Liyeos discovered firsthand, creating your own business is anything but easy.

The duo founded the build-to-suit real estate development enterprise Quattro Development in 2008. Their mission is to become a one-stop shop for real estate needs for businesses nationwide. Today, Quattro Development boasts a laundry list of clients ranging from Chipotle to Montessori schools. 

Walters and Liyeos say the journey has been far from easy. They experienced obstacles in gaining industry knowledge, financing, and having key clients go bankrupt — but the duo never let these challenges stand in their way.

Quattro Development on Gaining Firsthand Experience

Walters and Liyeos first met while working together at a property development company, where they started within three months of each other. This was Walters’ first job out of college, but Liyeos had been working as a real estate consultant for a few years. “We were brought on to find properties that the company could develop for their build-to-suit clients,” Rob Walters says.

Walters knew how important it was to have firsthand knowledge of real estate. He wanted to be able to speak to the industry with knowledge gained in the field. As part of their work at the company, the duo drove around the country together searching for ideal building sites.

Over the course of several years working together, the duo dove headfirst into the U.S. real estate market and learned as much as they could. This research would later lay the foundation for the duo to find prime real estate locations across the U.S. It wasn’t easy, but years of near-constant travel made it possible for Walters and Liyeos to gain the expertise needed to eventually pursue their dreams.