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Howard E. Greenberg is a Westchester real estate professional who not only seems to know what’s going to happen in real estate and development before it happens but has an encyclopedic knowledge of what already has happened as well. He’s a regular contributor to the Business Journals, and his New Year’s wrap-ups and forecasts are eagerly awaited by readers.

“I was brought up in Bayside, Queens, migrated to Westchester in 1974 to the Yonkers/Hastings border and now live in New Rochelle,” Greenberg told the Business Journals.

Greenberg has two grown children, a son in Virginia and a daughter in Texas. He has five grandchildren.

“I have two stepchildren by my wife Susan,” Greenberg said. “In late 1985 or so I was looking to make a career change. I was in the men’s clothing business and decided it was not what I wanted to do with my life. Someone handed me a Westchester County Business Journal and on the front page was a market wrap-up article. A panel of prominent brokers in the area was talking about the market and the world of real estate negotiations and it sounded interesting.”

Greenberg said he started to call up the people who were on the real estate panel and got a sense of what the market was all about.

“Through total happenstance I made a cold call to a gentleman named Carl Austin,” Greenberg said. “Carl was a pioneer in office brokerage in Westchester. I had lunch with Carl and convinced him to hire me.”