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It’s time to redefine how you network. For some, networking can be just another business buzzword or conjure up thoughts of routine corporate events. However, in 2021, it can help you achieve your business goals, while fulfilling personal ones as well.

By laying out your goals, your business goals will follow naturally. This isn’t to say you should avoid attending all industry events; instead, consider bringing along a friend or hosting your own party! Below are some ideas to help you feel gratification while you work toward advancing your career:

Bring a friend. Do you have a close friend or relative who has expressed interest in becoming involved in the real estate industry? Conferences and conventions have long been associated with implied pressure to connect with new people. You can ease some of these anxieties by bringing along someone close to you. Ideally, you’ll split up at the event, and can swap the contacts each of you made when you meet back up.