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We have been toiling away long and hard, being accountable, going the extra mile, starting early and finishing late to get the numbers and hammering those key performance indicators (KPIs). Then we get promoted to become responsible for others as the team leader. Usually, we get no formal leadership training for the new role and are left to work it out by ourselves. How do we keep moving up the ladder of success? There are a number of things we have to study in order for this new role to become the catalyst we need to deliver our career aspirations.

1. Stop Doing And Start Leading

This sounds easier than it is, because we are often players/managers and have our own clients or parts of the business we need to take care of. The danger is we find it so difficult to get productivity from others who are less smart, motivated, skillful and determined that we concentrate on what we can control. This means we keep doing our tasks, because we are very good at them, and we wind up being a key result producer within the team. The organization, however, keeps raising the bar while the rest of the team is still dawdling along, and we find a finite limit to how much we can produce individually. The results start to miss the targets, and we get fired.