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Millennials and Gen Z are more likely than previous generations to be self-employed in some capacity—which can make buying a home more complicated. These expert tips help make sense of the process.

Once upon a fairytale, it was understood that if you graduated high school, got a job, and stuck to it, you would end up retiring with a modicum of grace and security at a predetermined age. With a little luck, you might even have a few golden years to enjoy in the company of your family and friends—and making your way towards that coveted dream didn’t even involve any kind of side hustle. 

These days, things are a little different. Millennials and Gen Zers are still living the results of an economy laid low by the Great Recession, and that economic landscape means that they are far less likely to enjoy a forward-moving amble through corporate life the way their Boomer (and, in some cases, Gen X) predecessors did.