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Working with a real estate agent is a unique professional bond. Their job is to understand your current financial health and how you envision your family’s future, and get you in the house to make the dream happen. It’s natural to feel wary about breaking up with your REALTOR® or real estate agent. 


Before you have the conversation, it’s important to confirm you’re legally allowed to work with another agent, or if you’re stuck with your current one.

What You Can Expect From A Good REALTOR®

If you’re reading this because you hired a family member or friend to broker your home and are having second thoughts, you’re not alone. Only you know if the social capital loss will be worth the difference in quality of experience in another agent. 


As a home buyer, your real estate agent, also known as a buyer’s agent, will be your expert source of  information at every step on your journey to homeownership. The buyer’s agent helps prospective homeowners find a home in their budget, with their needs and desires and has expert knowledge of local market value. They’ll help you save money and get you into a home you feel excited about.