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More than one-third of Canadians with a mortgage will have to make changes to their financial situation — including housing and employment – if the Bank of Canada enacts another rate hike, according to a survey from the personal finance site WealthRocket.

The survey of 1,054 adults found another rate hike from the nation’s central bank will result in 35% of Canadian mortgage holders needing to make significant life changes. Among the changes being weighed are starting an additional job (17%), extending their amortization (16%) and selling their home (9%). Conversely, 65% of Canadians believe nothing about their situation would need to change.

Canadians are relying on various arrangements to meet rising housing costs, with 36% admitting one partner’s income covers the mortgage while the other’s covers remaining costs; another 27% said one partner’s income covers all housing costs, including the mortgage.

“Most of us will know somebody who had to sell their home and downsize or start renting because they couldn’t afford it any longer,” says David O’Leary, WealthRocket’s personal finance expert. “But many people facing this situation will be reluctant to admit it until they have no choice.”