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The homeownership rates for both Black and white families rose slightly over the last 10 years, with part of the increase taking place during the pandemic. 

The racial homeownership gap persists. The homeownership rate for Black families rose only slightly over the last decade, with part of the increase taking place during the pandemic–but it still falls far short of the white homeownership rate. 

Just 44.7% of Black families nationwide own their home, up slightly from 44% just before the pandemic began. That’s compared with 74% of white families, up marginally from 73.7% two years ago. 

The huge homeownership gap between Black and white families–29.3 percentage points–has also barely changed over the last decade, from 30.4 percentage points in the first quarter of 2012. At that time, 43.1% of Black families owned their home, versus 73.5% of white families.