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COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Metro Atlanta’s booming housing market could result in higher property taxes, experts say. Even those not in the market to buy a home could see higher rents due to landlords having to pay more in taxes.

A lot has changed in the 41 years Paula Albanese has lived in her Marietta home. Back then, she bought her house for around $80,000. Since then, her home has increased in value nearly four times over. Albanese has also noticed a big bump in property taxes recently.

“As a senior citizen, I’m on a limited budget, I feel it,” Albanese said. “With everything else going up to, I’m not happy about it at all.”

Stephen White, chief tax appraiser with Cobb County’s Tax Assessor’s Office, projects the county will see its tax digest go up about 10.5%. In other words, the value of residential and commercial properties will increase by that amount. He said he’s noted drastic differences in home sale prices just in the last year county-wide, and businesses have recovered well since the pandemic started.