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Homebuyer migration remained at an all-time high in April and May, with 32.3% of users nationwide looking to move to a different metro area. While that’s unchanged from the record set in the first quarter, it’s up from about 26% before the pandemic began. 

Even as the housing market cools down from the pandemic-driven frenzy, many homebuyers are keen on moving from one part of the country to another. That’s largely because homebuyers are chasing affordability, moving to places like the Southwest and parts of Florida where homes are more affordable than pricey coastal metros. 

Housing costs have skyrocketed and mortgage rates have shot up, making buying a home in expensive places like the Bay Area and New York even less attainable for the typical American. And because many buyers now work from home permanently, it’s more feasible to relocate to relatively affordable places like parts of the Sun Belt.