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Amid a sluggish housing market with a backdrop of inflation, marketing has gained heightened importance as brokers struggle to differentiate themselves in the industry. Now, one marketing expert offers advice on how to go about it.

Natalie Mullen (pictured), mortgage and banking market leader at Verisk Marketing Solutions, recommends that marketers should “…work smart with data; really get your house in order from a data perspective,” she told Mortgage Professional America. “We know a lot about our customers, we know some things about our prospective customers, leads, or past customers. But how can we get better at connecting all the dots so that we have a holistic understanding of who this person is and what they care about?” she asked rhetorically. “It is critical for marketers to find those opportunities to engage with them, and be that much smarter about how, when, and why we do that.”

As it relates to marketing budgets, Mullen advises to “…avoid wasting a bunch of money putting campaigns and outreach towards consumers about a product that’s not the right fit. It will be most cost-effective to double down for the people who you know are in market with specific messages about the products they’re after.”