Share this article!, a free commercial real estate listings and data platform, has launched a program that enables anyone in the world to buy and sell U.S. residential and commercial real estate with cryptocurrency.

The new ASAP (Accelerated Sale and Purchase) program is hosted by Coinbase Commerce converts the buyers’ crypto into cash for the seller while Millennial Title and Championship Title handle the title work. According to, transaction times through the ASAP program are expected to be nearly 50 times faster than current averages.

The program launched today for Texas-only properties and will be expanded in June for other select states. More information on the program is available on the ASAP platform.

“This initiative will drive innovation in the crypto and real estate industries,” says Caleb Richter, CEO of the Austin-headquartered “Real estate commerce needs to be changed. It’s hard enough as it is to buy property in your local neighborhood, let alone in another state or country. With the ASAP program, anyone, regardless of the language they speak or where they are in the world, can purchase American real estate with crypto in as little as one business day.”