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A new digital platform designed to help Bay Area residents find housing-related resources and services that can enable them to stay in their homes is now online.

Stay Housed Bay Area is designed to be a gateway for resources to assist community members in finding help paying their rent, responding to eviction notices, or asserting their rights as tenants. The key features of Stay Housed Bay Area include more than 150 curated resources in all nine Bay Area counties with actionable, up-to-date information. There is no log-in or registration with personal information required, and resources include the distinctive needs of specific populations, such as people with disabilities, veterans, seniors, or people living with HIV/AIDS.

Stay Housed Bay Area is a collaboration between All Home, a regional organization advancing housing and economic security in the Bay Area, and One Degree, a nonprofit that bridges the gap between low-income communities and vital social services. According to its creators, Stay Housed Bay Area is the first region-wide platform of its kind, providing resources in English and Spanish on a centralized website.

“To solve homelessness, we have to prevent it before it happens, and do that on a large scale. Stay Housed Bay Area is an important part of the regional homelessness prevention system we need,” said Tomiquia Moss, founder and CEO of All Home. “People here cross city and county lines all the time, without even thinking about it. Now no matter where you are, there’s one simple place where you can find the best help that’s available in your area. We need more solutions like this that reflect the reality of our region.”