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A New York City mansion with a somewhat wild history will go on sale next month via an online auction, with a listing price of $12.995 million.

The Kleeberg Residence at 3 Riverside Drive was built in 1895 in the French Renaissance Revival style by prominent architect C.P.H. Gilbert and has a rather colorful past. It was originally the home of Philip Kleeberg, a serial entrepreneur whose multiple careers included endeavors as a lace merchant, oil broker and president of the National Calculator Co. Kleeberg gave ownership of the property to his wife Maria, who committed suicide at the site when construction was completed. According to the New York Times, subsequent property’s owners included Dr. William Knipe (who used it for his Twilight Sleep Sanitarium) and William Guggenheim, the heir to a mining fortune who rented rooms to Broadway showgirls.

The nine-story townhouse encompasses 18,000 square feet, with nine bedrooms and 11 bathrooms; it is also only 37 feet wide.

The property is scheduled to go into an auction from July 19-26 via Concierge Auctions in cooperation with Ian Slatter of Compass and Andrew Azoulay of Bespoke Real Estate. A $100,000 bidder deposit is required for auction participation.