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Plunk, an AI-powered home analytics platform, has announced the launch of Plunk Pro for real estate investors, advisors and analysts.

According to the Bellevue, Washington-based Plunk, the platform tracks over 104 million U.S. homes. Plunk Pro is a web- and mobile-based application designed for individuals and small teams, and the platform provides real-time access to home value, scenarios for creating a refined value, remodel value, project recommendations, comparisons to other properties in the same market and real-time market insight.

“Stockbrokers and investors have had access to real-time data for decades and currently deal with an average trade size of $10,000 — which is much less than a real estate deal,” stated Ian Brillembourg, Plunk’s head of mobile product. “The average sales price of a home in the US was $495,100 as of Q2 2023 — yet until now, there was no way for real estate brokers and investors to have access to real-time property valuation data and analysis,” he added.

Plunk Pro is designed for individual users and small teams. For more information on Plunk Pro visit Plunk’s AI-powered home analytics are also available for enterprise customers via API. For more information on API access, visit: