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Though mortgage interest rates have been slowly ticking up — with some pros saying we may see more of that (you can see the lowest mortgage rates you can get here) — summertime homebuyers have likely noticed that housing price growth doesn’t seem to be slowing as much as they’d like. But pros say there’s good news coming your way: This red hot housing market is showing signs of cooling.

Prediction 1: Slower home price appreciation, and potentially higher mortgage rates

National Association of Realtors (NAR) chief economist Lawrence Yun says with home sales retreating and mortgage rates rising, home price gains will slow in the upcoming months. “By December, year-over-year home price appreciation could only be in the mid-single digits, from 4% to 7%,” says Yun. What’s more, he says if inflation turns ugly and the Federal Reserve has to be even more aggressive, then mortgage rates could top 7% and actually halt home price gains.